Bill Gates - jail
Bill Gates
Rip Torn - arrested
Rip Torn
Matthew Mcconaughey - Jail
Matthew Mcconaughey
Paris Hilton - Jailed several times
Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie - going to prison
Nicole Richie
Jesse Jackson - Prison
Jesse Jackson
Tim Allen - has been arrested first time
Tim Allen
Kobe Bryant - incarcerated
Kobe Bryant
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
Mel Gibson - went to prison
Mel Gibson
Michelle Rodrigues
Michelle Rodriguez
Lindey Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Vince Vaughn - Jail
Vince Vaughn
RSS FEEDWould you know what to do if you or loved one got arrested?
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What if you get a phone call telling you your daughter, son or spouse where arrested.
Are you ready for this? Would you know what to do?
County jail can be a very dangerous place! And shouldn’t be something anyone should experience.
If you have one glass of wine over the limit and drive a car, you might find yourself in handcuffs.

Are you going to jail for the first time? You must read this!

Are you about to turn yourself in?

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Arrested first time? If you are going to jail for the first time without preparing yourself,
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Let us help you prepare yourself for what lays ahead.

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Would you like to know how to behave and what to expect if this ever happens?

Are you or a loved one facing some jail time?

Do you want to know what really goes on inside jail facilities?

Do you know how to behave? What are the rules?
Criminal Attorneys: Are you an attorney that would like to provide his client with helpful tips and knowledge about what to expect in jail?
Our E-book is full of information, tips and shared experiences.
Our goal is to educate you and prevent you from making costly mistakes, either when you get arrested, or if you are going to do some jail time for the first time.
See below some of the topics we cover:
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Here Are Some Of The Topics We Go Through

When getting pulled over:
Know your rights and many extremely helpful tips you must know.
First tips when arrested:
Tips on what to do and how to behave if the time ever comes.
Preparing for Jail:
Everything you need to know if you go to jail for the first time.
Topics include: Medical problems, clothing and haircuts, money in jail, reading materials, phone calls, private jails, getting in shape and more…
If you end up in county jail, you will go though 24 to 48 hours of hell. A full description of all the stages of processing and many helpful tips if you ever get there.
A daily routine in jail:
What you need to know about a typical day in jail.
Topics included: different dorms, visits, yard-time, count-times, lock downs, a typical day in prison, guards, jailors, filling forms or complaints, religion, sleeping beds/bunks, toilet rules, food, money & store, riots & fights and more…
Following rules:
There are two sets of rules in jail:
1) Jailor’s rules
2) The inmate’s rules
Learn about the different rules, politics, different races and much more…
Tips for the families & close ones of the inmate:
Learn many ways you can help your loved one in jail.
Tips on what to do right away, if your loved one was arrested.
Tips on how to make your loved one’s stay in jail more pleasant.
Words of wisdom:
Words of wisdom from the Jail Tips team.






















Arrested for drugs
"Will I be safe?"
"Will I be sitting with murderers?"
" Will I be harassed because of my race?"
" How are the cops?"
" What kind of food and conditions in there?"

Are these some of the questions running in your head?
Well, we got the answers for you!
Police after you?
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